Clearwater, Florida


Clearwater Cleanup from Pinellas County Courthouse to the Beach

Cleanup efforts expand to bring Clearwater back to its beauty.

A team of Scientology Volunteer Ministers (VMs) at Pinellas County Courthouse clean up Hurricane Irma’s damage to the grounds.
Fallen branches littered Pinellas County Courthouse after Hurricane Irma blew through Clearwater. Volunteer Ministers made fast work of the debris.
Volunteer Ministers bag up debris from the lawns around Pinellas County Courthouse and load it to be carried away.
At Pinellas County Courthouse, a team of Scientology Volunteer Ministers cleaned up debris caused by Hurricane Irma.
Scientology Volunteer Ministers help the community get back to normal after Hurricane Irma by removing debris at Pinellas County Courthouse.
Teams of Scientology Volunteer Ministers arrive to Clearwater Beach for a second day of clean up after Hurricane Irma.
After Hurricane Irma hit Clearwater, beachfront sidewalks along the Beach Walk were covered in sand. Scientology Volunteer Ministers shoveled the sidewalks clean.
Scientology Volunteer Ministers clean the sand off beachside sidewalks after Hurricane Irma struck Clearwater Beach.
After Hurricane Irma, Volunteer Ministers helped clear sand off the Clearwater beachfront sidewalks.
Scientology Volunteer Ministers helping the community clean up Clearwater Beach in the aftermath of Hurricane Irma.
Clearwater Beach was strewn with debris, tree branches and sand from the hurricane. Teams of VMs spent the day helping to clean it up.
Cleaning up Clearwater beachfront lawns after Hurricane Irma blew through the city.
Teams of Volunteer Ministers filled up heavy-duty bags with debris left by Hurricane Irma and carted it away.
Volunteer Ministers work along the Beach Walk, cleaning up the debris after Hurricane Irma.
Teams of Volunteer Ministers at Clearwater Beach cleaned up trees and debris.
Scientology Volunteer Ministers at Clearwater Beach after Hurricane Irma, restoring it to its pristine beauty.
Clearwater beachfront getting back to normal after the Volunteer Ministers’ Hurricane Irma cleanup